Slow Grind Fever NYE

Happy 2017 Everyone! 

In usual Supervixen style we shimmied and shook our way into the New Year, performing at Melbourne's No.1 sultry red smoke shindig, Slow Grind Fever. Our favourite resident DJs provided fever inducing tunes and a shaking performance by Benny and The Flybyniters with special guest Mojo Juju, bringing in the New Year in style. Later in the night we hit the stage to perform a sizzling slow grind number to Terry Timmons 'Daddy Be Good To Me.' 
Devil dancers by name, we surely performed a naughty but oh so sweet routine!

We can't wait to return to Slow Grind!

Celia Bow shaking it on stage
Photos by Bobby Ruckus


Beyond The Valley Of The Supervixens

Miss Jane Doe, Baby Ruthe & Chip Montana

Photo by Bobby Ruckus
Decor by Make Mine Atomic 
MUAH by Eevie La Volpe


Yay Crochet!

Friends who crochet together, stay together!

Wearing the amazing threads of Dirty Granny Crochet

Photo by Bobby Ruckus
Decor by Make Mine Atomic 
MUAH by Eevie La Volpe


Faster, Pussycat Kill! Kill!

We are making this month, the Month of Meyer! 
Celebrating all things wild, wonderful and curvaceously Russ Meyer. It's no surprise that we are big fans of the cult director and his collective of actors, drawing our troop name from our favourite Meyer flick Super Vixens. However that's not the only film we love! 
Let's kick off our month of Meyer with an ode to the most badass go-go girl gang film ever, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

 Ladies and gentlemen - welcome to violence!

Get ready to meet Billie, the sassy blonde with an acid-tongue, Rosie the amazonian vixen who can take down any man, and the baddest queen of them all the fierce and foxy Varla! Tura Satana's iconic performance is not one to be missed. She puts the T in tough and the S is sexy. Not only are they tough vixens, but they are also go-go babes. We love them shimmying in the opening of the film, showing off some fabulous go-go outfits. In between wild car races and brutal fights, these girls even find time to shake it in the Californian desert. What badass chicks!

I never try anything. I just do it. And I don't beat clocks, just people! Wanna try me? 
- Varla

You girls a bunch of nudists or are you just short of clothes?
- Old Man

Check out Baby Ruthe flaunting some major Varla vibes. 
Miaow Pussycat!


Feathered Follies

We love the 60's and 70's, but there's nothing quite as glamorous as some 50's showgirl inspired gettups!  Sequin bras, diamond necklaces and feather headdresses, Oh My! Check out some behind the scenes shot from our shoot at Maison Burlesque with the fabulous photographer Bobby Ruckus. 

Pose Chip Montana!


Empress Royale Melbourne

Photography : Bobby Ruckus. MUA: Eevie La Volpe. Costumes : Belair the label. Location: Polly

We are very proud to announce that The Super Vixens will be go-go dancing at the Australian Burlesque Festival 2016 event Empress Royale: Melbourne on June 10th. 

Think you know what burlesque is? Well think again! Join Miss Jane Doe and Baby Ruthe at Wonderland Spiegeltent in celebrating premier neo-burlesque artists and international guests in a beguiling romp through the bizarre and intriguing world of modern burlesque! Enter a world of seduction and fantasy veiled to the out side world. Be swept away to another realm of luscious seduction, veiled fantasy and palpable desire. Be shocked! Be amazed! Featuring the best of circus burlesque, queer delights, fetish, sizzling erotica, satire, parody, vaudeville and everything in between. We invite you to join us on a journey of mystery, adventure, comedy, dark antics and impressive sideshow! 

Come let us take you on a sensual and mesmerising journey into the world of bizarre antics!

See you there folks!


Behind The Scenes with The Super Vixens: Showgirl Shimmy

Here's a sneak peek from behind the scenes of our latest photoshoot. Watch Super Vixen's Miss Jane Doe and Baby Ruthe become exotic showgirls, with costumes that would make any carnival diva jealous!
Stay tuned for more photos from the shoot!

Photos and Video by Celia Bow
Costumes by Cassandra Jane of Frozen Couture
Make-up by Eevie La Volpe
Taken at Polly Bar