Empress Royale Melbourne

Photography : Bobby Ruckus. MUA: Eevie La Volpe. Costumes : Belair the label. Location: Polly

We are very proud to announce that The Super Vixens will be go-go dancing at the Australian Burlesque Festival 2016 event Empress Royale: Melbourne on June 10th. 

Think you know what burlesque is? Well think again! Join Miss Jane Doe and Baby Ruthe at Wonderland Spiegeltent in celebrating premier neo-burlesque artists and international guests in a beguiling romp through the bizarre and intriguing world of modern burlesque! Enter a world of seduction and fantasy veiled to the out side world. Be swept away to another realm of luscious seduction, veiled fantasy and palpable desire. Be shocked! Be amazed! Featuring the best of circus burlesque, queer delights, fetish, sizzling erotica, satire, parody, vaudeville and everything in between. We invite you to join us on a journey of mystery, adventure, comedy, dark antics and impressive sideshow! 

Come let us take you on a sensual and mesmerising journey into the world of bizarre antics!

See you there folks!

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