60's Playboy Bunny

If this was Chicago 1960 you'd find the Super Vixens hanging out at the swanky new Playboy Club learning all the tricks of the trade and sharing go-go moves with our favourite girls, The Playboy Bunnies! 

Playboy Bunnies were the gorgeous girls, in satin bunny ears and a corset with a fluffy tail. What could be sweeter then these hostesses? With specialities ranging from Door Bunny to Jet Bunny flight attendants, these girls were the glamorous faces of an incredible empire.

And the Playboy Bunny girls would not be iconic if it weren't for their foxy attire. The Bunny Suit consisted specifically of a rayon-satin strapless corset teddy, satin bunny ears, bow tie collars, cuffs like playboy cufflinks and a name tag satin rosette placed at the hip.  We love these psychedelic print numbers with matching ears!

Dolly Read
Many famous woman have worked as Playboy Bunnies in the past including singer Debbie Harry, Twin Peaks actress Sherilyn Fenn, model Lauren Hutton and our favourite Dolly Reid, star of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,

Every Playboy Bunny knows how to do the Bunny Dip !

Don't be fooled thinking you needed just a pretty face to be a Bunny! Strict training and etiquette was required as instructed in the Bunny manual. During training a Bunny was taught to do the 'Bunny Stance', the 'Bunny Perch', to remember 143 different types of alcohol and how to garnish 20 different cocktail variations. Impressive!

And as every 60's girl should know, these girls knew how to Go-Go!

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