Let's Frug!

 Are we Fosse crazy or what!

If you have never seen Fosse's incredible choreography of the Rich Man's Frug in the 1969 film Sweet Charity. 

Now we can continue with our love for this dance, knowing that you have seen it or at least watched in again and absorbed it's amazingness! What a dance! Oh My!

Let's breakdown its gloriousness so we can fully express our love for it!

"Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? It's Me!"

Is this the most stylish and glamourous bunch of humans you've ever seen or what! Look at their magnificent costumes created by the chicest costume designer to ever live, Miss Edith Head. Black white and diamonds, so simple, so stunning. We love the men in tuxedos with frilly shirts, the mod girls in short black minis, and we adore those diamond and feather hairpieces they wear. 

The "Aloof" 

Slow, sultry and spectacular. Primary dancer Suzanne Charney leads the dance, whilst her two supporting men smoke cigarettes sophisticatedly and everyone else is poised and posed like statues. Fosse's flair for body shapes is out of the world! What you may think is a weird or awkward pose becomes elegant and unique. We love it when after her sultry frug she freaks out, whips her hair and returns to her cool fruging again. 

Lean Back Baby

Who knew walking on a lean with limp arms could look so cool! Whether leaning back like the girls or forward with a cigarette in the air like the men, leaning is a suave move of Fosse's. 

Freak Out!

That hair whip could kill! We love that pussycat like pose afterwards, it's just goes BAM! 

How do they all get the timing of this? It's insane! Nothing better then some classic hip thrusting with some chicken head bobbing. Weird but wonderful! You can definitely say that Fosse was a complete original. The part where they do the frug arms whilst standing on one leg with the other crossed over it and doing ankle circles. Amazing!

Those head pieces are out of this world! You can find Super Vixen Sherbet Shaker wearing a collection of amazing wigs and headwear on stage as well. 

The "Heaveyweight" 
Ding! Ding! Ding!

Hip thrusting and arm swinging to the beat, this part of the dance has power! With feline like punches, and sultry sauntering steps, The "Heaveyweight" bring the Boom! Pow! We love it when the three guys get their groove on, as well as the arm swinging couples having a head to head moment. This dance wouldn't be complete without a "Heaveyweight" congo line! Gosh! Doesn't this dance just get better and better? 

The "Big Finish"
"Oooooo, Yeah!Yeah!"

Kooky group work, funny singing and spectacular poses all make up the "Big Finish". Head clucking, hip thrusting and a spectacular psychedelic freak out are our favourite moves in this sequence. 

Wow! What else is there to say about the best choreographed dance ever! ( Although Miss Jane Doe might have to disagree! She's a massive Michael Jackson fan!)

Fosse was a man who choreographed dances with flair and complete originality and we thank you for introducing us to such spectacular and eccentric moves. Next time you see the Super Vixens on stage see if you can spy us doing some Fosse and pretending we're the sassy hairwhip girl. 

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