We love all kinds of things 60's and 70's here, and incorporate a wide spectrum of inspiration into our style and dancing to create an unique and exotic go-go experience. 

In exploring global trends of dance there are very few that we haven't dabbled in, but one of our favourite cultures to explore in dance was Indian, especially those golden Bollywood films of the 60's. Beehived, with thick eyeliner, glorious sari's and golden jewels, these Bollywood film Vixen's are right up our alley! 

A particular inspiration when putting together a groovy Bollywood style routine was the film Gumnaam and it's spectacular dance sequence. Those are so wicked moves!

We recently worked on a Bollywood sequence for a very exciting project that we cannot wait to share with you! It involves gurus, puppets, zombies and King Khan!

Photo by Rachel Mia, Styling by Miss Jane Doe

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