Meyer Girl Match!

It's well known here that we are huge Russ Meyer fans. 
Hell! We are even named after one of his films!
So it's no surprise to see that some of our Vixens could pass off as Meyer film characters. 

Baby Ruthe and Tura Santana as Varla

Baby Ruthe gives Tura Santana a run for her money with her raven locks and killer body. These bad-ass babes know the power of tight black pants and cleavage. Miaow! 

Photo by Rachel Mia, Styling by Miss Jane Doe

Celia Bow and  Sweet Suzy

Celia Bow looks like she could be straight out of the Sweet Suzy poster!  Although she may look the part, Bow is no duchess of doom like Lady Susan here. All 100% good girl!

Photo by Rachel Mia, Styling by Miss Jane Doe

Miss Jane Doe and Haji

And  you can't miss the similarities between Miss Jane Doe and Haji. These luscious exotic beauties could past for twins! 
Miss Doe even recently performed a Haji tribute Burlesque act for Bosom Mania, with special guest original Meyer Girl and honorary Super Vixen,  Miss Kitten Natividad. 

 Top right costume by Frozen Couture and Bottom left photo by Dan Lucas

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