Meet The Super Vixen: Baby Ruthe

It's time to meet the queen of killer curves, Baby Ruthe!

Photography by Rachel Mia
Tell us about yourself.
Hi there! You can call me Baby Ruthe ;) Look for the raven haired gal in the group and you'll find me. I am a January baby, making me a Capricorn. When I'm not shaking it with The Super Vixens, you'll find me slinging vintage. I am the sole owner/ operator of a small vintage business that I call Make Mine Atomic. It is my baby if you will. I specialise in bringing mainly 60s and 70s furniture and home d├ęcor to the homes of enthusiasts. My background is in Visual Merchandising and Interior design. Using these skills I am currently, slowly but surely, working on restoring my late 1960s home, which was updated in the 90s, back to its former glory.

How you got involved in Go-Go? 
Much like Bow Bardot, my involvement in go-go began with Miss Jane Doe's go-go classes in Melbourne. I grew up training in Gymnastics but dabbled in different dance styles throughout that time. I tried Rock 'n' Roll, contemplated Burlesque, but upon feeling the rush that go-go invokes that very first time, everything clicked and I was hooked. 

Who are your dance idols? 
Suzanne Charney, lead dancer of the 1969 film Sweet Charity: The Adventures of a Girl Who Wanted to Be Loved. Her arm and hand movements are especially mesmerising. If I could be half as good a dancer as her!

Favourite go-go move?
I love to rock the Hully Gully and the Watusi. Both are sassy and so much fun.

Go-go style inspirations? 
Priscilla Presley is my biggest go-go style icon without a doubt. Her 'tease it to Jesus' approach to hair, and her kitten-esque, heavily made-up eyes made her one rockin' doll. And if the look snagged her Elvis, that really says it all, doesn't it? 

Favourite Russ Meyer character or actress? 
American actress and former exotic dancer Tura Santana would have to be my favourite Russ Meyer actress. Perhaps most notably remembered for playing Varla in the exploitation film Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! An exotic blend of Japanese, Filipino, Cheyenne and Scots-Irish decent and a body like no either. She lived both a tortured and kick-ass life which I admire immensely.

If you could go-go with any band who would it be? 
The British rock 'n' roll invasion of the 1960s is the music that resonates with me the most. To go-go with The Kinks or The Rolling Stones would be an all time honour.

Make us a playlist
Get shakin with Baby Ruthe to these 60's rock 'n' roll tunes!

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