Scopitone a Go-Go

We've gathered our Top 6 Scopitone Go-Go moments for you to enjoy. 

1. These Boots Are Made For Walking
We have to start with the one and only Nancy Sinatra's go-go classic. 
Sexy sweaters, go-go boots, swinging moves and a great song, make this the ultimate Scopitone clip. 

2.Pussycat a Go-Go
 Bikini beehive babes show you classic go-go moves, from the monkey to the jerk. 

3. Ain't That Just Like Me
These fringe gettups are phenomenal

4. Web Of Love
Joi Lansig is just her usual vixen self, but those go-go girls aren't too bad either. 
Their cave girl outfits and hip shaking at the start is on point. 

5.Baby Face
This is basically an advertisement for sixties swimsuits and boy,
 do we wish we had them all! Hip shaking bikini girls seem to be the theme for these videos. 

6. Mother Nature Father Time
Wow! Do these girls have the moves or what!
They can make even the weirdest sets look good. 

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