Meet The Super Vixens: Celia Bow

We thought you'd like to get to know us a bit better, so we're kicking off this month with weekly interviews with members of The Super Vixens. We're starting things off with the foxy Celia Bow!

Photography by Rachel Mia. Clothing by Celia Bow. Left & Right Photos cropped for Blogger purpose.

Tell us about yourself ?

I'm Celia Bow, I'm an Aquarius and I'm the baby of the group. I lead a very busy lifestyle, currently studying art history, film studies and painting at university, working in retail, volunteering at an op-shop, doing reception at PBS FM and being a go-go vixen. I absolutely love film and music! I watch anything from campy 60's exploitation film to Cohen brother dramas. The weirder the better! I also love discovering new music particularly rhythm and blues, soul, funk, jazz, tittyshaker and more. I'm never not listening to music or dancing and singing around. You can find me blogging about all things hip and sophisticated at Bow Digs, with new playlists each week .I have two gorgeous pugs that I absolutely adore! When I have spare time I love to paint, sew clothes and dig records and vintage.

How you got involved in Go-Go?
I had done dance, gymnastics and cheerleading since I was little but was sick of being injured all the time so decided to find a new kind of exercise where I could avoid injury and have a good time. I'd seen go-go dancers before and always thought it would be perfect for me but it wasn't until I met Sherbet Shaker at 60's party market Bobby Dazzler, and she told me about these amazing go-go classes with Miss Jane Doe. I went to my first class and haven't looked back since! It's everything I love! Great 60's R&B tunes, cute short outfits, beehives and shakin' moves. 

Who are your dance idols?
I admire anyone who dances with rhythm but I particularly adore Cyd Charisse and Julie Newmar. Cyd Charisse has the best legs and she is always so sensual and elegant in her moves. Julie Newman is just my ultimate woman. A complete vixen! I also love it when guys dance!  I saw Leon Bridges perform recently and he has some smooth moves.

Favourite go-go move?
I'd say the Jerk or the Burlesque, though secretly it's got to be the mash-potato because it's so silly and weird. 

Go-go style inspirations?
60's foreign actresses like Brigitte Bardot, Ewidge Fenech, Celeste Yarnall, Barbara Bouchet and Turkan Soray are my biggest style inspirations for go-go. They are always so exotic, elegant and feminine. Anything French and beatnik like is also a favourite. Hair and make-up wise I really love the whole 60's doll look, with big soft hair, cat-eyes and pouty lips. 

Favourite Russ Meyer character or actress?
There are so many I love, but Billie in Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill is a favourite. She's sassy with incredible one-liners, is absolutely gorgeous and is always down to get her groove on, even if it's go-going in the Californian desert to a car radio. 

If you could go-go for any band who would it be? 
This is such a hard question as there are so many I'd love to dance with! If I could go back in time it would be James Brown, Bo Diddley and Johnny Guitar Watson ( my absolute favourite!). As for current artists I'd love to get a groove on for James Hunter Six, Vintage Trouble, Nick Waterhouse, White Denim and shake it at Soul Clap with DJ Jonathan Toubin.

Make a playlist of 8 of your favourite songs that make you want to dance!

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