Whisky A- Go-Go

Ever wonder where Go-Go started? 
Well at the Whisky a Go-Go of course!

Opening on Sunset Boulevard in 1964, the Whiskey a Go-Go was one of the first discotheque's in America, having been inspired by the mod scene in Europe. Rumour has it that the go-go dance scene began when a young female DJ who used to spin in a barred cage like area at the club quit. When people kept asking about her the owner didn't know what to do so he picked a girl from the bar to go and dance in the cage. Thus go-go began! Soon afterwards the owner installed more cages and the craze really hit off!

Smokey Robinson and The Miracles even recorded a song "Going to a Go-Go" 

Although the Whisky a Go Go was known for it's DJ's it was also a significant music venue for many bands having The Byrds, The Doors, Alice Cooper, The Monkees and more grace it's stage. Not only did the club have many famous acts pass through it'd doors but also many celebrities.
Look at Jayne Mansfield shimmying on the dancefloor!
What a view to go-go from!

If you want to see what it was like to get your groove on at the Whiskey a Go-Go in the 60's watch the video below. 

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