Kitten Natividad

Did you know the Super Vixens have a very special honorary member? 

Original Meyer Girl and our dear friend Kitten Natividad!

Did you know Kitten was once a go-go dancer?

Going from go-go dancer to film star, to cult legend, Kitten is one hell of a woman!

Kitten began her Meyer film career as the nude narrator in Up!, having been introduced to Russ Meyer through go-go dancer pal and Super Vixen actress Shari Eubank. Impressed by her talent and out of this world body, Kitten had a lead role in Meyer's next feature film Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens. Kitten plays Lavonia a sexually frustrated house-wife who seduces any man in sight. How very Russ Meyer!

Kitten continued to star in films and TV as well as perform and pose, showing that this Miss Nude Universe 1970 & 71''s  killer curves are still in action. The Super Vixens were lucky enough to be involved with a very exciting project with Kitten and many other extraordinary performers  that we can't wait to share with you soon! 

Super Vixen boss babe, Miss Jane Doe has found a new and very special fan in Kitten and their friendship has blossomed to cross generations and countries to unite in all things Vixen. Jane recently received a surprise collection of signed photographs and newspaper clipping from Kitten, which she will treasure for life. 

Kitten has dearly shared many wonderful tales of being a Meyer girl and of her 15 year relationship with Russ with us and we are always grateful to call her a friend and Super Vixen!

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