Roll, Baby, Roll

70s, Disco, Roller Skates, Hot pants and Gorgeous Girls. What could be better? 
We adore these vixens on wheels and they are making us want to put on our skates and get down to some groovy tunes. As much as we love their sweet roller moves, check out their groovy outfits! High socks, flairs, halter tops, and cheek-baring hot pants. We feel this is a look we could do perfectly!

If you want to see some amazing Roller Disco action check out the film Roller Boogie. There are actually lots of amazing Roller Disco films to check out like Skatetown U.S.A, Roll Bounce and the bizarre Xanadu. 

If only it wasn't so easy to fall over! We'd absolutely love to combine some gogo and roller moves together. Who knows? One day (with some practice!) we might knockout a roller disco routine as smoothly as these girls on the shore of Venice Beach. 

So if like us, you feel like being a Roller babe, just put on your hot pants, lace up your skates and get down to these funky fresh 70's disco rhythms!

 Now Let's Roll!

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