Fringe Binge!

What kind of a Go-Go dancer would we be if we didn't wear fringe!
Along with white boots, fringe is an iconic part of being a go-go dancer and we love anything that highlights our shimmy and shakin'. 

The association of the Go-Go dancer and fringe outfits began at the Whisky a Go-Go where one of the club's first go-go dancers, Joannna Labean created the club's signature uniform of a fringed dress and white boots. 

Shaking it at the Whiskey a Go-Go!

These fringe get-ups have got us going gaga!
And as much as we love these nifty outfits we love all of our own many fringed costumes. 

Our classic sequin go-go set by Belair, whose head designer happens to be no other than Supervixen Sherbet Shaker.  We love the rainbow of colours and the fringe across the bust and behind for optimal shaking!

Lorna Louise Photography, Hair & Makeup Eevie La Volpe, Clothing by Belair
Miss Jane Doe looking like a fringe space queen in her Belair designed Barbarella outfit. 

Wowee! Baby Ruthe and Miss Jane Doe look like fringe vixens in their Tina Turner inspired outfits by Belair. 

What's the point of wearing fringe though if your not shaking in it on stage! Check out these Super Vixens in action!

We have got some very exciting and very epic fringe pieces coming soon so stay tuned.
And in the meanwhile if you want some nifty fringe Go-Go threads like us, contact Belair The Label

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